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Fun Dog Training

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Claire Estherby owner of Awesome Dogs with her dog Robin

Kind and Effective training that's so much FUN - You don't even know you're learning!

Whatever Your Dog Training Struggle is -
There's a 3-Minute Game For That...

Claire is a certified dog trainer & helps owners who feel frustrated because their dog won't listen to them or over reacts to other dogs, people or things.  

With understanding, support and answers you can bring the joy back to walking your dog.

Putting the FUN into Training!

Playing simple 3 minute games in easy to follow steps allows both dogs and owners to get success no matter where you go.

If you are looking for a more holistic style of dog training that uses the most up to date, kind and reward based methods you have come to the right place.

                   Setting You Up To Succeed

I always like to set everyone up for success when learning new skills which is why I break things down into easy bite sized pieces for both dogs and humans and that includes the amount of time you spend training and where the best places to train are.
Trying to do too much in one go can overwhelm and confuse both of you.  

Building confidence to help with a reactive dog
Hand Touch helps a dog who lacks focus
How to get a dog to stop pulling on lead
Confidence Building
Walk Nicely on Lead

Awesome Dogs can help because....
  "There's a Game for That"

It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new
synapse in the brain. 
Unless played through games - Then it only takes up to
20 repetitions.

puppy classes

Puppy Classes

Puppies are awesome, and by getting them started in their journey of life the right way is so important.
 Teaching your puppy how to play whilst learning the skills of recall, focus, and confidence contributes to building huge value into your relationship with each other.
 My aim is to ensure you grow a confident, optimistic pup so you don't need my services later.

  Your pup will love these classes.

teen and adolescent classes

 Teen Dog Classes & Programmes

Whether you have an adolescent dog that you feel is a constant battle of wills between you both, or you just re-homed an older dog, or just want to learn some new games to play with your pup these are the perfect classes for you.

We focus on growing the fundamental skills that are needed to grow and develop an adult dog you are proud to take anywhere from coming back when called, walking nicely on lead to calmly greeting new people

dog recall classes

Puppy Power Academy

Having a puppy is hard work and can feel overwhelming.

This step-by-step programme takes you on an easy journey with your puppy giving you everything you need to know all in one place so that you will know what to do even before problems arise.

With simple to follow videos plus direct access to a human trainer you will have the total support you need so that you feel confident with training your puppy.

Classes held at Sutton Road, Potton, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DS

So that you and your pup have the best experience, classes with Awesome Dogs are always small with only 5 or 6 dogs at a time.
Please check availability by clicking on the Schedule Appointment button

If your dog is reactive or barky to other dogs or people a class environment will not be the best for them.
Please contact me to discuss the best options that will help you and your dog by booking a free 20 minute call.

Covering Potton, Biggleswade, Sandy, SG19, SG18 areas

Stop Pulling Mini Course
Only £27

good dog training

Claire Estherby                   £60

   Good Dog Level 1

How to teach your dog the skills they need  to be the best they can in a human world.
Learn a solid sit/stay, loose lead walking, how to relax, how to leave things plus some cool tricks

Kids and Dogs
Health supplements
tug-e-nuff toys

Be Your Dogs Health Hero

Discover the perfect match of superfoods tailored to your loyal companion!
From mobility supplements to tummy problems

Save 10% on Your Training Toys

Power up your training with these quality training toys that your pups will absolutely love. 

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A great class for training your dog of any age. Myself and our dog really enjoyed the classes and the games based approach really works. Claire is enthusiastic and passionate about what she does and very helpful too. 5 stars from us!


Positive training for this owner and pup, which will be useful on a daily basis throughout our hopefully many years together.  I'm really grateful for all of the information and advice Claire has given me.


There is only one word that describes Claire and that is ‘awesome’! Throughout the puppy course Claire’s help and support has been invaluable. Claire has built up my confidence with helping to train Bertie through play activities. Bertie enjoys his training sessions. Bertie and I have learnt so much with Claire.