Bespoke 121 Sessions

Take your training to a new level

If you can't attend group classes or your dog struggles to focus in a class environment then having a 121 session can be really beneficial.

These sessions are designed to suit you and your dog and can be used to work on a particular struggle, whether that's how to get your dog to focus on you more or to walk nicely on lead, or you find your dog over reacts to other dogs, people or other things.

Your Personalised Session

Whether you live locally or across the waters - whether your dog is reactive or lacks focus
you can still have a personalised session with Awesome Dogs.

Your bespoke training session can be held at our training field in Potton, Bedfordshire or online through Zoom, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world or if your dog struggles with new people or we find ourselves in another lockdown situation, your training can still go ahead.

Your session is structured to suit you and will leave you equipped with long lasting strategies so that you can continue to practice at home.

What's Included

Each session is complemented with a video library, ebooks and handouts to keep so that you can refresh your memory or include other family members into your training.

You'll have direct access to your personal trainer through WhatsApp so that you have additional support between your sessions with the opportunity to have feedback on any practice videos that may be requested. If other members of your family are involved in your training they will also be invited to join the group.

  • 1 hour £85
  • 2 hours £161.50
  • 3 hours £229.50
  • 4 hours £289
  • 5 hours £340
  • 6 hours £382.50