Thriving Teens

Raising an Adolescent Dog That Embraces Life With You.

Growing the connection you dreamed of
with your adolescent dog.

 Next enrollment for July 23rd 2022

From Doggy Delinquent To Thriving Teen

Having a teenage dog can be one of the most frustrating experiences. Your adorable puppy that always stayed close now ignores you when out on walks and has lost all focus.  

They may have started new behaviours - barking, lunging growling at other dogs, people or things in the environment.

You probably feel at a loss of what to do and exasperated as to why your dog is doing these behaviours. These are perfectly normal emotions, but don't worry, help is at hand with this Thriving Teens programme that's designed specifically for adolescent dogs and will help you get success every step of the way to grow that great family dog you dreamed of and keep your sanity at the same time.

Thriving Teens is a 10 week fusion program that smoothly transitions
your adolescent pup into the adult dog you dreamed of.


Packed with videos, downloads and tools to help you turn your dream of living with the perfect four legged companion into a reality.


Binge watch the videos each week or take it at your own pace - whatever suits you and your lifestyle, everything is there for you for when you are ready to start in short, easy to follow tutorial videos and printouts. 

Kind & Effective

Based on up to date training techniques that are 100% reward and kindness based that are simple to follow and designed to get you great results. 


Rest assured, you don't have to do this alone -  you have the added bonus of a personal tutor that is on hand to answer any questions and guide you through each stage with weekly classes and Facebook support group with other teenage dog owners.


How to teach your dog new skills that will help them to listen while distractions happen and build a stronger relationship with you


Learn how to have fun while developing new skills for both you and your dog


Learn how to calm your excitable teen and have more focus on you through easy 3 minute games

What's Included:

Video Library

Step-by-step video library delivered every week to your course syllabus so you can watch as many times as you need in the comfort of your home.
Each video is supported with handouts  and transcripts to read.

Why not involve the whole family so that you can all get involved in teaching your dog new skills?

Weekly Coaching

10 weekly group coaching sessions on zoom where we cover the weekly videos, with Q&A session.

There is an option for additional private 121 sessions or coming to the Thriving Teens classes at our training field making it a really flexible way to learn..


Direct contact with your coach every day of the week to message with any questions so that you feel totally supported throughout.

Classes only

From £80

Held at our training field in Potton, Beds

Please click on the button to reserve your spot.
  • Maximum 5 dogs per class
  • Private facebook group
  • Additional resources

10 week Interactive Course


  • 10 weekly Zoom classes
  • Step-by-step Video Vault
  • Handouts & eBooks
  • Private facebook group
  • Lifetime access

VIP Academy


  • 10 weekly Zoom classes
  • Step-by-step Video Vault
  • 1 x private 121 session 
  • 8 x In person group classes
  • Handouts & eBooks
  • Private facebook group
  • Lifetime access