Creating a new future with your dog

By Looking at Both Ends Of The Lead

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Living with a dog who overreacts to things can be emotionally draining.

If you have a dog who barks and lunges at other dogs, people or things it can feel really embarrassing and it’s hard to know what to do when you’re in that situation.

It can make you feel overwhelmed, lonely and perhaps embarrassed that people are judging you and think you’ve not trained your dog properly.

I know because I live with 2 dogs who can show signs of reactivity when they are stressed or scared.  

Fearful and over reactive behaviour will not go away on its own and if left untreated, the problems will increase.  

Which is why I have developed the step by step Crazy 2 Calm program, designed to help you understand what’s behind your dogs behaviour, why they are doing it and guide you through all the training steps.  

This program will take you on a journey with your dog of building trust and understanding with each other, discovering solutions and meeting your dogs needs where they are right now, rather than focusing on correcting the ‘bad’ behaviour.  

You may never have even thought about reactivity before you got this dog, but now when your dog starts reacting, you find yourself reacting too!  
You may get stressed at the very thought of going for a walk!
I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to feel this way. 

"Reactivity is not a training issue. It's a wellbeing issue" 

Janet Finlay

Transforming Your Crazy Dog Into A Calmer Canine

Here at Awesome Dogs, we use holistic methods and believe that using kindness is the best way to get success and that includes taking into consideration both the human and the dog end of the lead to get the best results.

Set Up For Success

When dealing with reactivity it is often too difficult for the dog to be in a group class or even for a trainer to come into their home for a session.

Which is why this program is created to make everything easy for both you and your dog with all the weekly coaching sessions held online through Zoom.  

All your resources are easily accessible and everything is there for you to keep. No need to take notes or remember everything – it’s all there for you to recap, whenever and wherever you want.  

Based on up-to-date training techniques that are 100% reward and kindness based that are simple to follow and designed to get you great results.  

I don’t just teach this; I use it with my own dogs!
My courses are inspired by the learning and experiences I have gone through with my own dogs. 


Binge watch the videos each week or take it at your own pace - whatever suits you and your lifestyle, everything is there for you in short, easy to follow videos and printouts. 


Become a Dog Detective! You’ll discover how to read your dog and find out what is behind your dogs behaviour and why they are behaving the way they do.


Dogs who feel worried or stressed cannot learn, which is why training starts at your home – an environment where your dog feels relaxed and safe. If your dog is more relaxed then so are you


When you have a deeper understanding of your dog, this creates a much deeper bond with them. Throughout the course you will have a clear understanding of what contributes to their outbursts and how you can help to reduce their unwanted behaviour

Calmer Walks

Learning how to observe and listen to your dog, recognise triggers along with lead handling techniques so that you'll be able to help your dog confidently when on walks.

Reducing Stress

Learning needs to be fun, stress free and easy to implement for both you and your dog and everything I teach is designed to be just that.


Discovering alternatives to traditional walks that build confidence whilst building a strong bond of trust, understanding and unconditional love on both sides.

Weekly Coaching

This is a 13 week fusion program which includes 10 zoom coaching sessions and 3 private 121 sessions so you are supported throughout with the option for extra private sessions should you want additional support, making it a really flexible way to learn..


Step-by-step video library
Workbooks and trackers to support goal setting and using diaries    

Handouts that support your learning and to share with others who are involved with your dog so that training is consistent  

   121 Sessions

Taking your progress to the next level this programme includes private 121 sessions where you can put into practice the skills learnt and progress through each of the milestones you have mastered.


You will not be alone. Having a dog who reacts to things in a way that is not appropriate can be isolating, lonely and can make you feel emotional.

It’s hard when you can’t take your dog for a walk with friends or have visitors round.

Throughout the whole program you will have the full support of your coach being available to you every day of the week to message me with any questions you have, need support – or even just want to have a quick rant! 

VIP 3 Month Program - £569
  • 10 weekly online classes  
  • 3 x Private 1-2-1 Training Sessions  
  • Video library with step by step training 
  • 24/7 coaching support throughout 
  • Access to the private Crazy 2 Calm Community Group  
  • Lifetime access