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Puppy Power Academy

Discover The Stress-Free Way To
Raising Your Puppy 

If you're someone who wants to give your puppy the absolute best start in life, this programme is designed specifically for helping you get success every step of the way.

The Puppy Power Academy is a step-by-step guided coaching module that gives you everything you want to know and avoid that feeling of overwhelm when you bring your puppy home for the first time. It includes instant support from your expert trainer along with foundation skills so that you can keep your sanity whilst raising a great family companion.


Packed with information, videos, downloads and tools to help you turn your dream of living with the perfect four legged companion into a reality.


Binge watch the videos each week or take it at your own pace - whatever suits you and your lifestyle, everything is there for you for when you are ready to start in short, easy to follow tutorial videos and printouts. 

Kind & Effective

Based on up to date training techniques that are 100% reward and kindness based that are simple to follow and designed to get you great results. 


You are not alone in this journey with your pup, you have the added bonus of a personal tutor that is on hand to answer any questions and guide you through each stage with weekly classes and Facebook support group with other puppy owners.

This Course Is For You If You Want To .....
  • Enjoy relaxing walks with your puppy 
  • Play with your puppy without constant biting and nipping 
  • Be proud of the way your well-mannered puppy greets people & dogs 
  • Have confidence that your puppy will be comfortable with grooming and vet visits
  • Be able to leave your pup, without worrying about separation anxiety or destroying your things.
  • Feel confident that you know what to do before problems arise

New Term Starts 5th March 2022

"Wow! Awesome Puppy Power - Happy Training"

- Brandon & Milo

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Puppy Problems & Prevention

From biting, chewing, jumping up to toilet training, this programme has it all.
Learn how to transform your bitey puppy that chews and jumps up into a model canine companion using modern, ethical and effective training methods.

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Training Skills

Learning new skills that helps your puppy develop their confidence and at the same time setting them up for the future with walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, how to settle, tricks and play

puppy classes, puppy course


Dive into understanding how puppies learn and communicate with others through their body language and learn how to interact with them during the socialisation period.

puppy classes, puppy course

Enrichment &
Mental Stimulation

Discover the importance and variety of enrichment activities with weekly challenges

Here's What's Included

6 x In-person group class sessions at our training field

VIP Academy access to a comprehensive vault of video tutorials

Printable information sheets  

8 x Weeks of interactive classes with coaching via our online classroom

1 x Private 121 session

Direct access and support with your trainer throughout the 8 weeks

Access to exclusive support community connecting with other puppy parents on the  course  

Unlimited access

Why Puppy Power Academy?

I created this programme because I didn't have the help and support I needed when we got our first puppy.
Yes, we went to puppy classes but once the class ended that was it until the next week. Until then we had to muddle through.
As new puppy parents we felt daunted, overwhelmed and desperate to get it right.
There is so much conflicting advice, it's hard to know what's best and that's why I want to invite you to join this programme so you feel supported every step of the way



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Wow! Awesome Puppy Power - Happy Training

We've just finished Claire's 8 week Puppy Power course and can say we've seen the benefits of learning through play with our now 18 week old puppy. I really liked the mix of online resources, face to face training and weekly zoom call follow up. The online resources (videos, booklets and handouts) helped to explain each of the learning games) and set us up for the week ahead. The 3/4 hour weekly zoom calls were a chance to review what we needed help with, or give extra tips based on her experience (these sessions are recorded, so you get the chance to watch them again later, or share with other family members). My only regret is that I wish I'd enrolled on the course earlier rather than waiting 2 weeks as some of the early course content would have been really useful to know in those first 2 weeks. However the weekly sessions still worked well with the stage we were at, with the pace of training really stepping up in week 3, when we joined the face to face training sessions, which were good fun and really cemented the learning with practical fun games. We could have just gone to dog training, but Puppy Power programme is so much more. Given how much puppies can cost these days, its a worthwhile investment from our point of view. The improvement is visible and will help in creating a happy confident dog, that continues to enjoys learning through play. Thank you Happy Training. Brandon & Milo

3 months ago

A great class for training your dog of any age. Myself and our dog really enjoyed the classes and the games based approach really works. Claire is enthusiastic and passionate about what she does and very helpful too. 5 stars from us!


Positive training for this owner and pup, which will be useful on a daily basis throughout our hopefully many years together.  I'm really grateful for all of the information and advice Claire has given me.


There is only one word that describes Claire and that is ‘awesome’! Throughout the puppy course Claire’s help and support has been invaluable. Claire has built up my confidence with helping to train Bertie through play activities. Bertie enjoys his training sessions. Bertie and I have learnt so much with Claire.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are huge benefits to learning online
You can learn at your own pace, in your own time and wherever you want.
You can re-watch the videos at any time, and as many times as you want.
The whole family can join in.
Your puppy does not need their vaccinations to begin.
You can go at your dogs pace.
You pup can focus better.
Your nervous pup won't be nervous in their own environment.
You don't have to travel.
You still get a certified trainer.

Group classes are not for all pups, and especially during the Covid pandemic it is not always possible to do so.
This course will help you with socialisation and explains why interacting with every puppy is not always the best for your puppy

That's no problem at all - all coaching calls will be recorded and available to you for watching later when you and your pup are ready.

Claire Estherby

Certified Pro Dog Trainer and owner of Awesome Dogs

Claire became a games based dog trainer after discovering that the more 'traditional' methods were not right for her dog, so found a more fun and totally force free way to train.  

 She is Certified as a Pro Dog Trainer, Approved Dog Training College Instructor,  Reactive Rascals Instructor, Canine Body Language Specialist,  and has also completed the Pro Dog Trainer Geek course