Puppy Love

10 simple steps to give your pup the best start.

This Is For You If You've
Just Got A Brand New Puppy -  Or About To Get One

Whether you've just got your new puppy or getting them very soon then this mini course is an ideal place to start today!

 With immediate access to extracts of the Puppy Power Academy videos you can start building some of the foundations needed to develop a confident puppy that will  grow up to become an awesome adult dog. 

This online mini course delivers you 10 awesome lessons 
with high quality short videos that are easy and simple to do 
showing how to give your pup the best start in life, 
building a happy, confident puppy.
       What's included: 

  •  7 different learning areas to develop puppy learning  
  •  How to set them up for success  
  •  Harness shaping  
  •  Confidence building  
  •  How to build a super easy recall 
  •  Plus much more...
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