If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to let us know; and please do not attend.
You will not be able to bring anyone with you to training.
If you have a partner who wishes to join you, they will have to remain in the vehicle during class - this is not forever but until further notice in line with guidelines.  
Please come straight to training class from home in order to minimize contact with people prior to your arrival at Awesome Dogs.
Please pack all the equipment you will need: raised bed, water, water bowl, training food (a good variety), harnesses, leads, long line, toys, poo bags etc. We will not be able to lend you any equipment.
Please pack hand sanitizer for use upon arrival. All classes are outdoors to adhere with government guidelines.  
Please try to park with sufficient distance between parked vehicles.  
Please be aware of other people and dogs when you are getting yourself and your dog out of the car and to the training arena.
Your training will take place outdoors
A 2 metre distance between you, your trainer and other students is important.
Your trainer will not handle any of your equipment (if you have any) or have any physical contact with you or your dog.
Please sanitise your hands with your hand sanitizer prior to exiting your vehicle.
Do not touch any of the Awesome Dogs equipment, your trainer will move all equipment for your lesson if needed.
We appreciate you not letting your dog jump on the trainers - you are gold star students!  

Please ensure you take all of your belongings when you leave.  
We kindly ask that you leave the premises promptly so that there is no cross over with lessons on the training field.  
Please take any of your poo bags and rubbish with you and dispose of these appropriately.
We cannot dispose of any additional waste onsite and need to minimise areas where multiple people may physically touch.  

Thank you so much for your understanding.