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How games dog training helped my reactive dog

About Me

Hi, I'm Claire Estherby and my husband and I got our first dog Robin in 2013 as a rescue puppy.

 I was at home running our bed and breakfast business and so he was predominantly company for me. We knew we needed to go to training classes - after all, we had no idea on how to teach a dog how to behave in our world, so we went to traditional puppy training classes, you know the ones - where you walk in a line trying to get loose lead walking, standing in line to do a recall and waiting endlessly to get a correct 'stay' for a set amount of time. I found it boring and Robin was constantly over excited, frustrated and barked constantly throughout the lessons.    
 Needless to say we did not learn a great deal.  
 After a year or so we decided to try a few other classes and activities, but we came to the conclusion that this was not the way to progress either, Robin was just so over excited the whole time barking and constantly pulling on his lead which just stressed him (and me) out.    
 After some research on the internet I discovered a revolutionary way of teaching your dog by teaching concepts of behaviours - Focus, Impulse Control, Optimism, Flexibility, Confidence, and most of all - Calmness.  
All through playing simple games!    

In just a few months I noticed such a transformation in Robin - our lovable, noisy, jumpy, reactive boy was becoming much calmer, more confident and started to focus on me rather than the environment.  His recall had improved and we had fantastic loose lead walking - he is much happier and a lot less stressed.      

 I was inspired to take a Diploma in The Foundations in Canine Behaviour Management course which further fuelled my interest to take a Pro Dog Trainer course through Absolute Dogs run by leading veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and  British leading agility champion and dog trainer Lauren Langman.    

 I can now share the knowledge and games to others so you can also have the joy of seeing your dog develop into a well-rounded individual.    

 I hope you enjoy playing the games as much as Robin and I do - this is a fantastic journey to also build and develop the relationship between you and your canine best friend