Socialising Your Puppy

How To Introduce Your Puppy To New Things Successfully
Enrichment using a muffin tin for puppy socialisation
Going to a coffee shop and watching the world go by
having a paddling pool is great to build confidence in puppies
how to socialise your puppy

Socialising your puppy from an early age is really important.
An under socialised puppy can become fearful and reactive to things in the world around them. Even before your puppy has had their vaccinations, it is important to carefully expose them to things in their environment.

With 14 simple activities demonstrated with easy to follow videos on how to socialise your puppy stress free, you'll give them the best start to building a confident puppy who embraces life with you.

Field Trips

Get some great ideas of places to go and discover how to safely socialise your puppy  even before they've had their vaccinations.

Introducing New Things

Puppies are adventurous and are learning all the time. Because of this it's important to carefully introduce them to new things without feeling scared or overwhelmed

Enriching Activities

Enrichment is a fantastic way to incorporate into your socialising routine with your pup. There's lots of ideas on how to include them into your training schedule for your puppy.

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